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Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Chen, S. 2022. “From Mandarin Monopoly to Sinitic Polypoly: The Story of Dubbing Peiyin in Postwar Taiwan.” International Journal of Taiwan Studies 5(2): 308–331. DOI:

Lim, J., Chen, S., & Hiramoto M. 2021. “‘You don’t ask me to speak Mandarin, okay?”: Ideologies of language and race among Chinese Singaporeans”. Language & Communication 76: 100-110. DOI:

Chen, S. 2018. “Visualizing language ideologies and verbalizing perceived linguistic boundaries: The case of Mandarin Chinese in contemporary Taiwan”. Global Chinese 4(1): 11-36. DOI:

Book Reviews

Review for Gender, Neoliberalism and Distinction through Linguistic Capital: Taiwanese Narratives of Struggle and Strategy, by Mark Fifer Seilhamer, Journal of Sociolinguistics. 25(1): 106-109. DOI: